• Investigate the facts of a case

We Are At War With Globalists That Want To Destroy America

There are many ways to define the word Patriot, or to describe what a patriot is.  However, few people truly understand what it means to grasp the essence of a patriot. A person can call themselves a patriot because they love their country or they defend what their country stands for. The reality of becoming a patriot involves much more than claiming the title, due to ones’ general beliefs and so called commitment to his country.

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  • File exhibits, briefs, appeals and other legal documents with the court or FISA.​

IT -  Paralegal Investigative Research and Consulting


Cyber Investigative Research


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  • Get affidavits and other formal statements that may be used as evidence in court​​

Litigation Support

Paralegal  Consulting Services provides legal and factual research, investigative case analysis, trial preparation services, discovery management, legal  writing, and consulting at the pre-trial, trial, appellate and  post-conviction stages of criminal prosecution. We also provide expert  witness research services. 

We access subscription legal and  research databases to provide current and relevant research to aid in  your defense.  Our in-depth review of your case discovery, including  police reports, allows us to assist you and your attorney in preparing a  defense strategy and conduct focused research. 

Information Technology

Nobody Playing The Game Gets A Free pass. Nobody.

Intelligence for community security:

  • Timely – intelligence by a certain point in time to make a decision.
  • ​Relevant – intelligence aids decision-making.
  • ​​Accurate – Intelligence is not always spot-on.
  • Specific – Intelligence is unfortunately sometimes vague.
  • ​​Predictive or Actionable – Intelligence that is predictive in nature helps us make better decisions about the future. Intelligence that is actionable in nature helps us to make better decisions now.

Investigative Intelligence Research

Cyber crime investigators are usually involved in the collection and analysis of digital data, such as items found on a computer. We use several tools, including legal research skills, evidence preparation, interviews, cameras and more. 

Criminal law is what the public most associates with legal investigators. We review crime scenes, identify and prepare evidence, and do whatever else is necessary to determine the facts of the crime, such as interviewing people and conducting research.

  • Conduct research on relevant laws, regulations, and legal articles​​

“American political life is dominated by one party with two heads, often called the “Republicrats”. The American deep-state is filled with left over globalist from administration’s past, embedded within our systems of government, including the intelligence agencies, corporations and Media industries.”

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Intelligence research specialists collect, evaluate, analyze and extract information from various sources from national and international investigations and compile it into analytical reports and graphs.

The methods and resources used to compile information on state, federal and local investigative and political content from  Internet resources as well as resources not found on the Internet. 

IT - Paralegal Investigative Research and Consulting Cyber Investigative Research Investigative Intelligence Research Information Technology Kanab Computer Services